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Up the Ante in Field Service Management with Mobility

- Thursday, March 01, 2018

Field service management software is becoming increasingly popular these days. With its advanced features of scheduling and dispatching and of course integration with mobile devices, there is no reason why managers like you would prefer anything else.

Now, mobile integration is one of the main advantages of field service management software. Without it, the whole purpose of the software to make field service management easier and faster for everyone, will not be properly served. Even a system with features like scheduling and reporting, will not prove to be very useful in terms of increased efficiency, if it’s not mobile integrated.

So, what exactly is the need for mobile integration in field service management software?
In the earlier developed, on-premise field service management systems, there was centralization of information and reporting, but it required the field agents to re-enter the information they collected from the field through paper documents. Moreover, apart from a mobile phone to call, there was practically no way the managers could reach the agents and vice versa.

All these problems can be solved with mobile integration of field service management software. Here are some other advantages of mobile integration:

Back-end Service Knowledge Access

Technicians or field agents while at their work can look up manuals or diagrams available in the backend through the mobile integrated field service management solution and determine the best procedures for repair or even determine the parts or tools required for the repair. Even though your field agents may be experts, they could use tools and techniques that would help them complete their job in a better way. They could also make use of the history of repairs or warranty information etc. of a particular customer’s asset available with the solution to better help in their work. Moreover, they can access customer accounts for billing functions etc.

Transparency and Communication

Gone are the days when you did not know where your field agents are or what they are working on. With the help of mobile integrated field service management systems, you will be able to get real-time job updates and even location information. They also enable real-time communication between the field agents and the managers, so you are always ready with information for your customers, as and when they call.

Efficient Data Collection and Accounting

As mentioned before, field service management systems that were not mobile integrated required the field agents to enter work related information twice. Such redundancy of data led to wastage of time and effort thus decreasing productivity. Mobile integration enables the field agents to enter data directly onto the system thereby saving time. Moreover, some solutions offer advanced features like payment processing, which allow your agents to collect payments too. All of these digital records further enable smoother accounting and auditing.

Real-Time Scheduling

Routing and scheduling features are the main highlights of any field service management system. But when you have them integrated with a mobile device, you can allow your agents to view their schedules while they are at their work so that they can plan their work accordingly. Based on the location information of an agent, the routing feature helps to plan an optimized route between all the sites that are pending for a particular agent. That way, work becomes systematic and productivity is increased as more work orders can be attended to per day.

All these features make mobile integration for field service management solutions inevitable if you want to increase productivity. Your field agents are the representatives of your company and they reflect the quality of your service. Hence, if they perform better, your customers will be more satisfied. In order to stand ahead in satisfying your customers, you need to have field service management software with all the mentioned features and mobile integration.

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