Managed Services

 Velocitor Solutions Managed Services

Velocitor currently employs over 150 employees, of which 95 focus solely on managed services consisting of spare pool management, help desk support, deployment services, repair, training, and hosting services. Velocitor currently provides managed services for over 70 clients with more than 200K mobile assets under management across North America.

Staging and Kitting Services

Velocitor’s staging and kitting services include the initial field readiness of a mobile device during the deployment phase. Once a mobile device is received within the Velocitor facility, it is charged, tested, loaded with the appropriate operating system, firmware, application, and kitted with applicable accessories. It is then shipped to the end user’s location, ensuring that it is ready to use in a mission critical environment.

Depot Services

Velocitor Depot Services is a program that manages and facilitates the deployment, repair and replacement of all mobile hardware including consumer & enterprise mobile devices, handheld computers, printers, telemetry boxes, tablets and associated peripherals that are deployed in the field. When a device fails in the field, Velocitor will overnight a hot spare to the end user for next day delivery. The old unit is shipped back to Velocitor and diagnosed for problems. All damaged devices and printers are shipped back to the respective manufacturer and repaired per their service agreement or replaced. Once they are repaired or replaced, they will be returned to the spare pool.

Velocitor Depot Services provides a simple, cost-effective way to manage a customer’s mobile hardware repair/replacement needs and minimize downtime to keep our customers’ critical business functions running smoothly.

Mobile Device Management

Velocitor Solutions utilizes industry-leading MDM software solutions that supports every major mobile platform, making it easy to manage and configure devices throughout their lifecycle while giving Enterprises the flexibility to work on any device platform they choose. Velocitor Solutions offers the most comprehensive solution to manage mobility requirements. We extend traditional mobile device management (MDM) to include mobile app and data management capabilities that meet evolving business needs and deliver true enterprise mobility. Our MDM enterprise mobility management platform was built to secure and manage devices, apps, and content across modern operating systems at enterprise scale. We apply consistent security device policies and device configurations across your organization from a single integrated platform. You can monitor and remotely manage your entire mobile device environment from a single dashboard view.

Asset Management

Velocitor's asset management tool, VDSM, delivers Real Time Visibility and Intelligence into Assets, Repairs, Orders, and Shipments. VDSM allows our customers to manage inventory and track assets in real-time, all from one console.

Support Services

Velocitor supports a variety of applications, as well as its own software built on the Velocitor Mobile Framework. The support packages we offer range from help desk end-user assistance through tier 1, 2 or 3 technical support solutions 24x7 / 365. Velocitor works with each customer to tailor the most effective support package to suit each individualized business objective. VDSM, our proprietary help desk support system tracks each call with extensive detail to ensure a timely problem resolution as well as provide detailed reports on each call for training and management purposes.

Velocitor Support Services provides a simple, cost-effective way to offer end user support and minimize downtime to keep our customers’ critical business functions running smoothly.

We realize that an investment in a mobile technology is critical business decision for each client.  Velocitor provides every aspect of solutions and services in order to deploy and sustain an enterprise mobility solution for many years to come.

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