Higher Education Mobile Solutions

Simplify Mobility for your Institution

Higher Education Mobile Solutions

Velocitor provides Higher Education Institutions a competitive edge by ensuring their students have the technology and accessibility to learn anytime, anywhere. We make education mobility simple, cost-effective, and secure.

The Complete Solution


User Experience

Show your students you’re invested in their enrollment technology needs and ongoing academic success with our custom configured mobile device/laptop solutions.


Device Configuration and Deployment

Let us do all the heavy lifting and reduce unnecessary downtime. We will have your student’s mobile device ready to use the moment they turn it on. With a full team of technical installers, we ensure that all mobile devices (tablets, phones, laptops, etc.) are configured and imaged correctly. Once a mobile device is received within the Velocitor facility, it is charged, tested, asset tagged and then loaded with the appropriate operating system version, software and applications. Finally, the device is shipped to the schools desired location, ensuring that it is ready to use upon arrival.

K12 Mobile Solutions